Paznaun Kitchen Secrets

Autor: Martin Sieberer

Discover the many sides of the Paznaun kitchen!

The Paznaun, in the Tyrol, is world-famous for its wonderful
mountains and for the sport and leisure activities that go
with it. In recent years, it has made great strides in the culinary
arts, and there are many hotels and inns providing gastronomy
at the highest level.

The cooks of the region have come together in the Paznaun
Chefs Club to amaze both visitors and locals with their extraordinary offerings.

Martin Sieberer, toque-awarded chef and club president,
and the other club members have revealed their secrets and
gathered together the best recipes so that everyone can produce these exceptional dishes at home.

Made with superb regional ingredients such as the outstanding
Paznaun Highland beef and young venison from the
Fimba valley, delicious Paznaun lamb, mouth-watering trout
from the Diasbach and fragrant Galtür mountain hay, these
recipes combine the traditional and the modern – and take
us on a culinary journey through one of the most beautiful
valleys in the Tyrol!

  • Brilliant recipes from passionate and committed cooks
  • Numerous practical tips and fabulous basic recipes
  • Traditional dishes enhanced with modern ingredients
  • Marvellous food photographs by Christa Engstler
  • Spectacular scenic photos of the Paznaun
Paznaun Kitchen Secrets
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